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A little bit about the Bridger Trail Light Infantry Rangers

Bridger Trail:
The Location.

Agile individuals, lightly armed, were needed as scouts and skirmishers, so light infantry groups were organized. The British, Germans and Americans all made use of this type of unit, often using them for special operations.

To guard the Frontiers, Homesteads, Communities, and Cities, against various enemies, “special scouting” or "ranging" organizations were formed from the citizenry, or the armed forces. Many such units were active all across the American frontier in places such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Texas as well as other territories. The Texas Rangers are credited, as being the “oldest” state wide, law enforcement organization in the country.

The primary purpose and mission of this organization is to educate, inform, and train its members, fellow citizens, law enforcements agencies, and national defense groups, in the safe and proper use of small arms. This is to be done by using both the classroom and the range. This informative education is to be completed in conjunction with private, state, national groups, and organizations. For the most part, this training is accomplished by conducting several exercises or competitive matches each year.

The Bridger Trail Light Infantry Rangers believe in God, Biblical Principles, and the American Constitution, as it was written by their founding fathers. These folks, are honest, law abiding, tax paying, responsible, Americans, who strongly support the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and the Wyoming State Constitution. While these people are not bitter, they still cling to their Guns and Religion”, and likely as not, they will all hang together, if not separately.

When one of the founding fathers was asked, “What kind of Government did you give us”? Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic if you can keep it! A responsible, informed citizenry, using democracy, is the best way to preserver the way of life our founding fathers passed on to us. But the truth is that “democracy” is the worst system of Government, except for all of the other systems. There for, democracy is worth killing for, because it is the freest and most fair system of government yet devised by man. History shows, “the more free the people”, “the more prosperous the State”. But today, little more than 200 years since the founding of this great nation, it seems that much of our citizenry is neither responsible, nor informed. Therefore we band together to do what we are able, to maintain our cherished way of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.



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